When you really need a break, stop, drop and roll into the Bunker and take cover, you’ll be staying awhile. Nestled in between the idyllic Golf Park and the racetrack at the legendary Ngong Racecourse, it’s your own little spot of paradise.

Far from madding crowds and the chorus of traffic sounds, your company will consist of irrepressibly happy birds and the stately horses doing the rounds before a big race.

Throughout the day you will be joined by avid golfers filing in and out seeking a respite from the 9 hole course.Taking in such beautiful surroundings can leave you famished, that’s why our famous barbeque consisting of delicious meats is there so you can sink your teeth into more than the charming outdoors.

Birthdays, fairs even workshops we love events, our location is not only ideal we’ll also help you organize to ensure it can only be a successful occasion.

The Bunker is your little hideaway with a difference, come get stuck in we can’t promise you’ll ever leave.

Opening Hours:
Mon : 7a.m. – 6p.m.
Tues – Sun : 7a.m. – 9p.m.



Bunker Menu


Beef SamosaKsh 60
home made beef samosas made fresh everyday
Ndazi Ksh 50
Beef Sausage Ksh 50
ChapatiKsh 50
Lake Victoria fish fingers Ksh 350
Choma sausageKsh 150
bbq sausages with kachumbari
Hot dog  Ksh 150
BBQ Buffalo Wings Ksh 600
Famous Bunker Chips  Ksh 200
extremely tasty twice fried chips
Chips MasalaKsh 250
tasty fries with a kick
Sausage MasalaKsh 250
a surprisingly tasty treat of chopped beef sausage chunks cooked in spices


EggsKsh 200
any style with toast two eggs cooked to your liking served with homemade toast
The Bunker Breakfast sandwichKsh 300
fried egg,tomato,onion and avocado on toasted bread

Additional extras

Bacon  Ksh 150
Baked beans Ksh 100
Extra toast Ksh 40


Beef BurgerKsh 750
succulent beef burger with cheese served on our home made bun with chips
Honey glazed spare ribsKsh 1250
tender ribs grilled on our outdoor charcoal grill served with chips
Molo lamb chopsKsh 1150
our juicy chops served with our paprika wedges
Grilled Fish FilletKsh 800
catch of the day served with your accompaniment of choice
African Beef StewKsh 400
slow cooked beef chunks served with rice
Shredded Steak SandwichKsh 650
tender grilled shredded steak with cheese, lettuce and tomato
Chicken Salad SandwichKsh 600
with romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast in a spicy curry dressing
Cheese and Tomato ToastieKsh 550
grilled brown’s cheese and tomato on home made bread
House SaladKsh 650
with greens, olives, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese in vinaigrette
Soup of the DayKsh 350
served with our home made bread roll
Grilled ChickenKsh 500
charcoal grilled chicken served with chips