A Refuge With A Refill

In Kenya something threatens to take over from the Irish Potato as the greatest Irish import, no not the Leprechaun the ‘Kanjo’ (City Council) still remains the only green invisible men around. Welcome, The Curragh, /kərə(KH),ˈkərək/.  Pronounced as you would if you ‘shrubbed’ the word colour (it’s the simplest way we could put it). The Curragh is a famous racecourse in Ireland thus fittingly the first Authentic Kenyan Irish Pub and Bistro is located at the Ngong Race Course.

‘…in Kenya something threatens to take over from the Potato as the greatest Irish import…’

This isn’t your copy paste Irish Pub this is really Irish, down to the addictive laid back atmosphere. You almost half expect a Leprechaun to jump out from behind the enormous trees that surround the pub. You’ll be adequately drunk with the beauty of the racecourse even before you get in. Once inside you’ll feel it instantly, this is home, a refuge with a refill (bless) a place where you can have your politics with a pint, solitude with a stout or make it three with a whisky (we thought rhyming it with frisky would be a tad too much).

‘…be yourself and nothing less we promise from the bottom of our Guinness.’

Sitting on the high stools at the spacious bar you feel settled and rested with the famous Irish Poet Yeats staring from above. There are quite a number of revered Irish icons lining the walls on posters that came straight from the Republic itself. Michael Collins the legendary Irish Revolutionary leader takes command next to the large projected screen and Guinness obviously makes a number of appearances. The owners don’t take themselves too seriously and why should they, Irish Pubs aren’t, thus creating a place where you can be yourself and nothing less we promise from the bottom of our Guinness.

The ribs, the ribs, the ribs… let’s do that again the ribs, the ribs, the ribs they are deserving of their own little article. The menu is filled with traditional Irish cuisine (and we’re not talking about the potato) including these ribs which you are free to fall in love with, propose and move in to the house because they’re that good. The Curragh prides itself on its grill which tempts your tongue and kisses your lips which is sufficient fuel to get ready to sample the full bar.

‘…it’s grill which tempts your tongue and kisses your lips…’

Another poster proclaims ’wine how classy people get wasted’ and if the bubbly is your go to then you’re in luck, the Curragh wine selection is a triumph that will give any well-seasoned connoisseur butterflies. Swirl your glass as you curl under the stars in the charming courtyard nestled between the trees, shrubs and grass that greet the horses on their way to the course.

‘…a triumph that will give any well-seasoned connoisseur butterflies…’

If home is where you make it then it’s here watching smiles through the warm and inviting light that fills the pub and gasps that come from football and Rugby games playing live across three screens or watching something golden pour into a glass on the Happy Hour. This is a pub with heart, caint- craic- ceol yes this is definitely home.

Opening Hours:
Mon – Closed
Tues – Fri : 2p.m. – till late
Sat – Sun : 12 noon – till late




Wine tasting_41


The Menu

soups, starters & light bites

Breakfast roll750/
sausages, bacon, fried egg. (P)
Homemade soup of the day450/
(please ask your server)
Beef Samosas250/
three pieces of our homemade samosas made fresh every day.
Bacon and Cheese Toasty500/
made with onions and tomatoes. (P)
Spicy buffalo wings650/
spicy wings served with a blue cheese dip.
Choma sausages150/
bbq beef sausages with kachumbari.
Famous Curragh Chips200/
extremely tasty twice fried hand cut chips.
Paprika potato wedges250/
chunky wedges finished with paprika.

lunch time treats

Lemon and garlic red snapper1100/
foiled baked red snapper infused with lemon and garlic and served with couscous. (N)
The Curragh Caesar salad800/
romaine lettuce, boiled egg and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, mayonnaise lemon juice and olive oil.
The Curragh Caesar salad with chicken950/
Chicken strips, romaine lettuce, boiled egg and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, mayonnaise lemon juice and olive oil.
Classic House salad950/
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pine nuts, walnuts, apple, avocado, olives and feta cheese served with a drizzle of house vinaigrette. (N) (V)
Tomato and pesto pasta950/
penne pasta served with fresh local tomato and pesto. (N) (V)
Shredded Steak / Chicken Sandwich800/
tender grilled shredded steak or chicken with cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato served with chips.


caramelized Cinnamon peaches450/
served with vanilla ice cream.
Fruit triffle450/
made with seasonal fruit.

the main event

Grilled Chicken Breast 800/-
grilled chicken served with chips and a side salad.
Bangers & mash950/
locally sourced and produced pork sausages served with caramelised onions, mashed potatoes and delicious gravy. (P)
Lamb chops1500/
succulent and marinated lamb, served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables with home-made gravy and mint sauce.
Traditional Irish Shepherd’s Pie1150/
a traditional irish meal of minced lamb and vegetables topped with piping hot creamy mashed potatoes and served with a side salad.
Chicken and Mushroom Pie1250/
a hearty home made dish served with our house salad.
Irish beef stew950/
slow cooked in Guinness served piping hot with mashed potatoes.
Beef lasagne1150/
served with salad and garlic bread.
Fish and Chips950/
beer battered fish and chips, accompanied with peas and tartar sauce.
Sizzling Pork Ribs1500/
our famous slow cooked bbq pork ribs, which are marinated and smoked, before being finished off on the grill. (P)
T-bone steak1500/
350g steak cooked to your liking, served with chips and sautéed vegetables.
The Curragh Burger900/
a home made beef burger cooked to your liking, topped with onion rings, in a freshly baked bun served with our famous chips.
Chicken Burger950/
lemon grilled chicken breast served with our famous chips.
Veggie Burger700/
a delicious vegetarian homemade burger, combining our own fresh oregano, capsicum, carrot, sweetcorn and onions. (contains egg)(V)